Why Custom Funeral Memorial Plaques?

Design Custom Marble Funeral and Memorial Plaques

Funeral Memorial PlaqueThose who loved the deceased will naturally want to show their affection at the loved one’s funeral. They often do so with flowers or other adornments. However, sometimes you want to show how much you cared for the deceased with a message or saying of some kind. One beautiful and moving way to do this is with one of our personalized wall plaques, inscribed beautifully in marble with your customized message of love and remembrance.

Customize a Memorial Commemorative Plaque

Some of the very first plaque makers in history were those who made grave markers and tombstones. They often made those markers, as we do now, out of marble, because they wanted the deceased to be long remembered and for people who saw those markers to regard their beauty and remember the departed person fondly. You no doubt want to create those same feelings for your departed loved one. Our custom memorial plaques can help you do that.  With their message, you can create a feeling of joy and remembrance in celebrating the life of your loved one. Your custom plaque can say anything you want, from our suggested messages to a completely customized inscription in your own words.  If you want to include their photo, we offer photo memorial plaques in San Marcos marble, which is the ideal shade to compliment skin tones.  For all of our other custom plaques, you can choose from marble colors such as:

  • Honey Onyx
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Luna Beige
  • San Marcos

Display Your Plaque for Viewing

We offer easels in either black or rosewood to display your memorial or funeral plaque during the viewing or at the ceremony itself. With the right display and lighting, you can set up what amounts to a commemorative shrine. Surround the plaque with flowers, pictures of the deceased, notes, and sympathy cards from friends and family, and you have a moving tribute to the life of the departed and a celebration of that life by all who knew him or her.  You can also hang your plaque with one of our frames, which come in black.

Custom Plaques as Cherished Keepsakes

The customized funeral plaque we help you create can be used either as a marker at a gravesite or mausoleum, or at home, in a place where their memorabilia and keepsakes are cherished. The beauty and durability of the marble plaque means that your eyes will be drawn to it again and again, and the words of comfort and hope inscribed there will serve as a continual reminder of the memories you and your loved one created together. [Start Customizing Your Memorial Plaque]

We hope our offerings brighten your home and enrich the lives of your family and friends.
Sincerely Marcellous Curtis, Founder/CEO